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The 2019 Redford Comic Con will be held July 27, 10 am-4 pm, at the Redford Community Center. Vendors and artists, please register here.



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Redford Readers Book Group

For kids in grades 4-7 (limited to 15 members).  All participants receive a free book, courtesy of the Friends of the Library.  Registration required.  Group members meet monthly, from September to April, on Tuesday evenings at 7 pm.

The Redford Readers Book Group will return in September.  Please join us for Summer Reading Club 2017!

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 Proudly Sponsored by Detroit Diesel


The Redford Township District Library and the Friends of the Redford Township Library will hold the Third Annual Books & Bytes Benefit, a gala fundraiser, on Friday, May 19th, from 6:00-9:00 p.m.

Proceeds from the Books & Bytes Benefit will support adult, teen and youth programming at the Library.  The initiatives for 2017 include; increased programming throughout the year, offering reading packages to new parents, early literacy stations for the youth area, and additional maker space equipment for teens.

Books and Bytes Benefit guests will hear from Amy Haimerl (author of Detroit Hustle: A Memoir of Life, Love, and Home) who will discuss her personal journey about moving to Detroit and making a home in the West Village. 

Tickets are priced at $25 and include food, drink ticket, and access to the event. Highlighting the evening will be live and silent auctions, a photo booth, live music, and other fun surprises to entertain and excite. Space is limited to 200 guests.  Tickets can be purchased at the Library or at the link at the top of the page.

Auction items include; autographed football from University of Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh, a weekend stay at the home of Amy Haimerl, artwork from Park West Gallery, 1-year membership to Planet Fitness, autographed Detroit Red Wings Hockey puck, wine tasting tour for 6 at Chateau Chantal, photography session with Enchanted Photography, one hour massage from Merci Massage, 18-hole passes to Glenhurst Golfcourse, and tickets to other local attractions!

2017 Books and Bytes Benefit sponsors are Detroit Diesel Corporation, Pat Milliken Ford, South Redford School District, Public Service Credit Union, Community Choice Credit Union, Nightowl Printing, and Photo Booth Plus.


Events Calendar

Bunny Club for Infants to 35 months




Get in the Game...Read! for ages 12-19


Feed Your Brain...Read for ages 3-11


Death Records - B

Babb, Edgar Thomas 

Bailey, Ralph 

Bair, Rose 

Baker, Carl M. 

Baker, Thomas 

Ball, Adam 

Ballantine, Agness 

Balmer, Edwin D. 

Bancroft, Mary Ann 

Bandelow, Frank Julius 

Barber, Jessie 

Barber, Wm. G. 

Barnes, Howard G. 

Barnett, James M. 

Barowski, Louie 

Barrow, Earl 

Bartle, Baby Denis Alvin 

Bartlett, Evirett S. 

Bartlett, John 

Barton, William Haste 

Baschal, Abbie Ellen 

Basmajian, Hagop 

Baughton, William W. 

Baumgartner, infant 

Bayer, Chas 

Beatley, Bernice 

Beaton, John 

Beavis, William 

Becht, Mary 

Becker, Geo 

Becktold, Clara M. 

Beckwith, Henry 

Bedere, Gary 

Bedere, Ralph 

Bedvil, August (aka "Gus Getwell") 

Behrendt, Bernard 

Beitel, Nellie C. 

Bell, Mariette Agusta 

Belton, Wm. Claton 

Beltrano, Alexander 

Berry, Alvin Keith 

Berry, Baby Margaret Frances 

Berry, Lawrence 

Berry, William H. 

Besancon, Emile 

Beveridge, Perry Emory 

Bigelow, Louisa 

Biggs, baby 

Bignell, baby 

Birland, Fredrick Carl 

Birls, Carrie 

Bishop, Iva C. 

Blackmour, William Comfort 

Blaimeister, Bertha C. 

Blais, Marylynn 

Blanchfield, Richard 

Blanchfield, Sarah 

Blanck, Arthur J. 

Block, Caroline 

Block, Herman 

Bloom, John 

Boaks, Christiana B. 

Bohling, Dorthy 

Boillotat, Joseph H. 

Bond, Vera Jean 

Bone, James C. 

Boocard, Joseph 

Book, Sarah Louise 

Boomer, James 

Bos, infant 

Bos, Nicholes Nick B. 

Bosse, Emalla 

Bosworth, Charlotte V. 

Bosworth, Mary 

Botsford, Ray

Botsfud, Elizabeth 

Botsfud, Geo W. 

Boucard, Louis 

Bougeault, Marris 

Bousenberry, Agnes aka Tice, Alice 

Bowe, Ralph 

Bowen, Courtney M. 

Bowers, Helen Louise 

Bowling, Clarence 

Boyer, baby girl 

Brace, Anna 

Brace, Blanche Hazel 

Brace, Leonard R. 

Bradford, Paul Hamilitin 

Bradford, Perry 

Bradly, Harold 

Brady, baby 

Braithwaite, Franklin S. 

Brake, Florence E. 

Brattin, Charles T. 

Brede, Leona 

Bredin, Genevieve M. 

Briggs, Clara M. 

Briggs, Jeannie 

Briggs, stillborn 

Brockway, Rose Marie 

Brown, Amey 

Brown, Charles 

Brown, Chalres C. 

Brown, Charles William 

Brown, Clement 

Brown, Elizabeth Ann 

Brown, Leslie L. 

Brown, Mathilda Leona 

Brown, Richard A. 

Brown, Susan Chapman 

Bruce, Richard Lyde 

Brugger, Emma 

Brunet, Rita May 

Bryant, Ellen 

Buck, stillborn 

Bullis, Dora D. 

Burgen, Raymond 

Burgess, Sylvester K. 

Burke, Rebecca 

Burkley, Riel 

Burling, Jack 

Burns, Amanda 

Burt, Thomas 

Bush, John William 

Busha, infant 

Busha, Leo Wesley 

Bushel, Isabell 

Butler, Geo Adelbert 

Butterworth, Harry 

Butterworth, stillborn (1916) 

Butterworth, stillborn (1920) 

Byers, Arthur 

Byrd, Louellia 

Death Records - C

Cabot, Henry 

Callender, William N. 

Cambell, Anna Adelade  

Cameron, Emilie M. W. 

Cameron, Nelle Knox 

Campo, Edward 

Capler, August A. 

Capler, Florentine Mary 

Capler, Ida Ann Marie 

Capler, Joseph 

Capler, U. Jerce 

Carbury, Bell 

Carlin, J. James 

Carlins, Delila M. 

Carlsen, Mary 

Carney, Julia 

Carnicon, Merticoa 

Carpenter, Frank 

Carpenter, Mary A. 

Carpenter, Thomas Noah 

Carr, Luther D. 

Carr, Mary 

Carroll, Grant 

Case, Ammie 

Cassel, Hiram H. Sr. 

Cassie, Alexander P. 

Cavanaugh, Thomas 

Chaffee, Mary Cecelia 

Chaivre, Anne 

Chaivre, Augustin 

Chatterson, Walter A. 

Chavey, Anna R. 

Chavey, Catherine 

Chavey, Harold James 

Chavey, James F. 

Chavey, Katherine 

Chavey, Laura 

Chavey, Louis C. 

Chavey, Mary (1899) 

Chavey, Mary (1901) 

Chavey, Mary Isabell 

Chavey, Peter 

Chavey, Pierre 

Chavey, Pierre J. 

Chavey, Theodore 

Chesner, Alfred George 

Chipper, stillborn 

Churches, George Edward 

Churches, Hazel 

Cieslak, Joseph 

Cinader, Mary Amelia 

Clark, Earl L. 

Clark, Frank Nelson 

Clark, Sherman S. 

Clark, William M. 

Clarke, Anna M. 

Clausen, Edward S. 

Clements, Hiram A. 

Clevinger, Edith Elizabeth 

Clinton, Carl Joseph 

Clinton, Eliza 

Clinton, Peter 

Clizbe, Joseph C. 

Clothier, Alice 

Clucas, Philip F.

Cockburn, William 

Cockfield, unnamed (2/20/20) 

Cockfield, unnamed (2/21/20) 

Cody, Hazel Irene 

Cole, David 

Cole, Frius 

Cole, Helen S. 

Cole, Phillis Mae 

Cole, Ralph 

Cole, Sarah 

Cole, Seland J. 

Collard, Madilna 

Collati, Vittoria 

Collens, James Joseph 

Collis, Larry Allan 

Cook, Alma M. 

Cooke, Mary Louise 

Corcoran, Richard James 

Coreaux, Mary 

Cornelia, Michael J. 

Cornish, John Charles 

Cort, Harry H. 

Corte, baby 

Cotner, baby 

Cotter, Matilda 

Coughlin, Timothy 

Counihau, Daniel Francis 

Coutts, John T. A. 

Cox, Elsie Lenora 

Crackle, Thomas L. 

Craft, Hiram Elmer 

Cramer, Anthony 

Cramer, Laura Crossman 

Crane, Myron J. 

Crawford, Pauline 

Crawley, Dorothy V. 

Crim, Alta Mae 

Crim, Mary F. 

Critton, Hazel Mae 

Crofts, Thos 

Crosbie, John Wallen 

Cross, Mary Anne 

Crower, Samuel 

Crunk, Ira 

Culp, Maurine 

Cunin, William 

Cunningham, Martin S. 

Curley, James 

Currin, Charles Arthur 

Currin, stillborn 

Curtis, Fannie Mary 

Custer, Margaret 

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