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RTDL offers a variety of digital (electronic) media for all ages.  Digital content is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!  Scroll through our list of RTDL supplied digital content and other suggested sites.


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The 2019 Redford Comic Con will be held July 27, 10 am-4 pm, at the Redford Community Center. Vendors and artists, please register here.

JUNE 17 - JULY 1

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Bunny Club for Infants to 35 months




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 Proudly Sponsored by Detroit Diesel


The Redford Township District Library and the Friends of the Redford Township Library will hold the Third Annual Books & Bytes Benefit, a gala fundraiser, on Friday, May 19th, from 6:00-9:00 p.m.

Proceeds from the Books & Bytes Benefit will support adult, teen and youth programming at the Library.  The initiatives for 2017 include; increased programming throughout the year, offering reading packages to new parents, early literacy stations for the youth area, and additional maker space equipment for teens.

Books and Bytes Benefit guests will hear from Amy Haimerl (author of Detroit Hustle: A Memoir of Life, Love, and Home) who will discuss her personal journey about moving to Detroit and making a home in the West Village. 

Tickets are priced at $25 and include food, drink ticket, and access to the event. Highlighting the evening will be live and silent auctions, a photo booth, live music, and other fun surprises to entertain and excite. Space is limited to 200 guests.  Tickets can be purchased at the Library or at the link at the top of the page.

Auction items include; autographed football from University of Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh, a weekend stay at the home of Amy Haimerl, artwork from Park West Gallery, 1-year membership to Planet Fitness, autographed Detroit Red Wings Hockey puck, wine tasting tour for 6 at Chateau Chantal, photography session with Enchanted Photography, one hour massage from Merci Massage, 18-hole passes to Glenhurst Golfcourse, and tickets to other local attractions!

2017 Books and Bytes Benefit sponsors are Detroit Diesel Corporation, Pat Milliken Ford, South Redford School District, Public Service Credit Union, Community Choice Credit Union, Nightowl Printing, and Photo Booth Plus.

Get in the Game...Read! for ages 12-19


Feed Your Brain...Read for ages 3-11


Death Records - W

Wagner, Anne Mae

Wakefield, B. Jane

Wakefield, Nelson

Walker, John H.

Walker, Martin John

Wallace, Elsie I.

Walls, Wm W., Rev.

Walsh, Eliza

Walter, Ludwig

Walters, William J.

Walton, Alfred H.

Wandrell, David

Ward, Ada

Watkins, Jim

Watkins, Walter J.

Watson, Fred H.

Waugh, William W.

Webb, May K.

Weberruss, Barbara

Webster, stillborn

Wefring, Theodore

Weighhill, Elizabeth

Weinhold, Susannah

Weiss, Minnie

Weitzman, Emil H.

Welby, Joseph John

Welsh, Clarence J.

Wentz, Harley A.

Wesley, baby

Wesley, Eva Lorain

Western, Albert

Westfall, baby

Westiner, Marun Elizabeth

Westlake, William

Weston, Terrance S.

Wetherbee, John L.

Whaley, Maggie M.

Wheeler, Adelaide Marion

Whipstock, Mary

Wiedenwilt, Edna

Wieduwelt, Emilia

Wiggle, Carrie J.

Wiggle, Orvilla

Wilcox, Betty Loraine

Wilcox, Richard Maurice

Wilkerson, Henry L.

Wilkins, William J.

Willbert, Geo R.

Williams, Revilla

Williams, Richard Vincent Jr.

Willmanth, Alison

Wilson, baby boy

Wilson, Isaac

Wilson, James D.

Wilson, Jess

Wilson, Nellie Ellen

Winstone, Bert

Winters, Chas

Witban, John W.

Wittman, William, aka Whitman

Wixson, Sarah

Wohlgehagen, Elsa

Wolfram, Catherine

Wolfram, Fredricka

Wolfram, John (stillborn)

Womack, Christian Levi

Wood, William J.

Woodbridge, Grace D.

Woodcoske, Clara R.

Woodhall, premie

Woodruff, Lyman L.

Wooster, Florence M.

Worthington, George A.

Wren, Mary B.

Wright, Christopher

Wright, Edward E.

Wright, George

Wright, Robert

Wright, Teresa

Wright, Thomas C.

Wright, Thomas Stewart

Wuschack, Emma Katherine

Wuschack, Robert Julius

Wynneparry, Rilla A.

Death Records - S

Safford, Horace S.

Sally, James

Sally, Mary

Salomonson, Wesley Earl

Salters, Levi Alonzo

Samhat, M. Moses

Sanborn, Enock Cleveland

Sanders, Caleb

Sanduskey, Godfrey

Schaffer, Orville J.

Scheel, William

Scherrer, Olivia Mary

Schewewan, August

Schifficki, Anthony

Schlabach, Mattie

Schmelz, baby

Schmidt, Alice

Schmidt, baby

Schmidt, Carl F.

Schmidt, Edwin

Schmidt, Margarete

Schmidt, Paulina

Schram, Mattie, aka Martha

Schroeder, Frederika

Schroeder, Henry

Schuenman, Violet

Schult, Johanna

Schumacher, Wilemina

Schuman, baby

Schuyler, Bessie

Schwab, Augusta

Schwarz, Herman Ferdich

Scott, James Fleming

Scott, Mark

Seaton, Elmira

Secor, Alice

Seguin, Simone June


Seiting, Caroline

Sellman, Genevieve May

Serdel, Amalia

Sewaykowski, Philis

Seyler, Wallace Gaylin

Shagena, Joseph Wm

Sharon, Oliver

Shattock, Catherine

Shaw, stillborn

Shay, Talmadge

Sheahan, Frank Dennis

Sheahan, Jeremiah

Shear, Emily H.

Shear, Fred

Shear, Grace A.

Shear, John F.

Sheehan, Sarah

Sheffenly, Catherine

Sheffenly, Mary Ruth

Shelman, Claude E.

Shepard, James F.

Sherman, Charles T.

Sherman, Lucretia

Shetters, Byron

Shira, stillborn

Shissler, Joseph, aka Albert J.

Shittenhelm, baby

Shittenhelm, Charles B.

Shonk, Walter W.

Shugar, Geo B.

Shultz, Henry

Simmons, Arthur L.

Simmons, Mandes Edward

Simms, Arthur R.

Simms, baby

Simms, Benj

Simms, Jabez

Simms, Margaret

Simms, Sarah

Simpson, Muncey

Sisco, Harriett

Skeels, Ella E.

Skinner, Josephine A.

Skinner, Lillie

Skog, Charles

Slater, baby

Slater, Blanch J.

Slater, Chas

Slater, Edna

Slater, stillborn

Slom, John

Small, Elizabeth

Smith, baby girl

Smith, Betsy Elizabeth

Smith, Charlie T.

Smith, Chas H.

Smith, Clara Mettatal

Smith, David H.

Smith, Ella

Smith, Esther Jane Myler

Smith, Eugene

Smith, Marshall A.

Smith, Martha Broeger

Smith, Nathaniel

Smith, Oscar J.

Smith, Perry M. Jr.

Smith, Richard M.

Smith, Robert C.

Smith, Thomas

Smith, Volney

Smith, Wm Silas

Smither, William J.

Snell, Issac W.

Snook, Chas J.

Snyder, baby

Snyder, Cyrus

Snyder, Henry

Snyder, Lena, aka McKinney, Lena

Soffa, Eeva

Soffa, Samuel

Somtag, Norman Howard

Son, Anthony

Soper, Emma C.

Sousa, Raimundo

Spaulding, Angeline F.

Spicer, Robert Alzie

Spieth, Philip Murray

Sproule, Catherine C.

St Clair, Charles W.

St. Onge, Jaculin

Stackatle, William

Stackpole, Hubert

Stackpole, Raymond

Stackpole, Thos

Stackpole, unnamed

Stahlein, Annie Marie

Stanley, John W.

Stanley, Stella Mae

Stay, Anna

Steinbach, Junior

Steinman, Andrew

Steinmetz, Jacob

Stephenson, Mabel Helen

Stevens, baby

Stevens, Edward J.

Stevens, Harry B.

Stevens, May R.

Stevens, Roger W.

Stewart, Mary Elizabeth

Stewart, Mary Elizabeth

Stewart, Neil

Stewart, Neil

Stickley, David

Stickley, David

Stickley, Elda Mae

Stickley, Elda Mae

Stickley, Mary Eliza

Stickley, Mary Eliza

Stiles, Florence E.

Strayer, John E.

Strebbing, Louisa Sowsauna

Stribbing, Maryann

Strick, Richard

Strickler, Donald Francis

Stroh, Katherine Margaret

Stuckey, Auia

Stuckey, Harriet

Stuckey, Vincent

Sturman, Eliza

Sturman, Mary Auia

Sturman, May E.

Sturman, stillborn (Father: Charles Sturman)

Sturman, unnamed (Father: Joseph Sturman)

Sury, Charles E.

Suttin, Allen A.

Swanguarin, Vergil Lee

Swanson, Benjiman G.

Swedley, Thomas J. 

Swihart, Charles E.

Syjid, Florence

Sylvester, Anna L.

Symanski, Louise

Szekeies, Louis

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