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Kids' Website of the Month

BrainPOP Jr.

Gently encourages young learners to ask questions and form their own ideas.

Arcademic Skill Builders

Boost student engagement & fact fluency with our free multiplayer educational games, math games, language arts games, and more!

ABCmouse r-11

Availabile only on the public computers in the Redford Library

ABCmouse.com helps kids learn to read through phonics, and teaches lessons in math, social studies, art, music, and much more. For kids age 2 to 6.

*Available through Redford Township District Library

All About Birds

Your online guide to birds and bird watching.

Be a Hero!

Disasters affect everyone. It takes everyone - youth, parents, and community members - to help prepare.

Ben's Guide to the U.S. Government

Learn about the Federal Government through adventures and games.

Cartoon Network 

Play action and adventure games, watch cartoon shorts or play games related to popular television shows.


Learn and play chess with kids from around the world.

Climate Kids

Be a Climate Kid and learn about climate change.

Code Monster

Gentle and fun introduction to programming concepts.

Disney Games 

Learn about your favorite Disney characters, play games.

Fun Brain 

Printable games for students K-8, as well as resources for parents and teachers.

I SPY Online Games

Seek and find games are fun, lots of surprises for everyone!

Incredible Bats

Dispel myths, learn facts and play fun, interactive games and activities.


Play games, watch videos and learn at the same time.


Test your superpowers and more at Marvel Kids Games

Math Playground

Play with Math and give your brain a workout!

My Garbology 

Garbology is the study of what we do with our waste. All the things we throw away each day—where do they end up? Test your garbage knowledge!

NASA Kids' Club

A safe place for kids pre-K through grade 4 to play as they learn about NASA and its missions.

Nick Jr. 

Play games with Nick Jr. characters.


The official site for Nickelodeon. 

Ocean Portal 

Have a "whale of a time exploring the Ocean Portal on National Geographic Kids.

PBS Kids,

PBS Kids Sprout 

These two links lead to information and games tied to the television PBS kids' shows.

Scholastic Family Playground 

Find games and activities related to popular book characters.

Science Bob

Science is everywhere!  Find Science and more at Science Bob.

The Science of Static Electricity

What is static electricity? Why do we get a tiny spark when we've walked across a carpet and touched a doorknob? Or have you ever pet a cat and picked up something metal, like a spoon to stir up cat food? Zap! (A tiny one.) Find out what's going on in this TED Ed by Anuradha Bhagwat.

Smarty Games 

The best free educational games for children on the internet.  Have fun and learn something at the same time!


Create your own snowflake and more!


Celebrate Dr. Seuss with fun and games.

The Underground Railroad 

Follow along and learn about the Underground Railroad on this National Geographic website.

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