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Hi, my name is Swimmy!

What kind of fish am I?  I am a Betta splendens.  Usually, I’m just called “Betta" (pronounced with the same sound as better) or “Siamese fighting fish.”

What do I like?  I love to eat, swim and stare at people.  I love it when people say “Hi Swimmy.”  I also like warm, clean water and things I can hide behind.

What do I dislike?  I don’t like sharing my space with other Bettas.  I’m much happier having the whole tank to myself.  My other dislike is cold water.  I need a heater to keep me at a toasty 78 degrees.

Is it true that I would be happy living in a tiny cup or bowl?  NO!  Pet stores might tell you this is true, but I really need a tank that holds at least one gallon of water, or even two gallons, for a tank like my home.

Do you have any questions for me?

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