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We are here to partner with all area schools and invite you to inform us of any large projects your class will be pursuing or any other informational needs that we might assist you with in your role as educator.  (Please take a look at our Teacher Alert Form.)  We would be very glad to hear from you.

Assignment Alert

Please let us know about up-coming assignments so that we may better serve you and your classes and ensure a positive library experience for your students. If you have copies of bibliographies that you would like to share with us, they would also be helpful. To alert us of upcoming assigmnents, fill out the Assignment Alert Form.

ALA's Best Tools for Teaching and Learning 

Honoring apps of exceptional value to teaching and learning and the top free websites that help school librarians and their teaching colleagues enhance learning and curriculum development. 

ERIC (Free Version)

ERIC provides ready access to education literature to support the use of educational research and information to improve practice in learning, teaching, educational decision-making, and research.

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Group Tours and School Visits

Schools, daycares, scout groups and other community organizations are encouraged to bring their classes to the library for a visit.  Please call 313.531.5960 ext. 117 to schedule your class visit.  A children’s librarian will be happy to tailor your visit to your needs.  Children may receive library cards if they are Redford residents or attend Redford schools.

Library card applications are required to be completed by the children’s parents before the class visit as library staff is unable to process so many new cards at one time.  Thank you.

MeL Teachers 

THE destination for help with integrating MeL into Michigan classrooms and curriculum.

NoveList K-8 Plus mel tiny

If you teach with books, NoveList K-8 Plus is the place to go for inspiration and education. Need lists of books by topic or unit of study? We have ready-to-go materials that are quick and easy to use. Need books for your lessons that meet Common Core State Standards? We have Curriculum Connections and other materials that will get you started. 

*Available through funding from the State of Michigan 

Scholastic Teaching Resources 

Grab and go lesson plans, discussion guides and themes for classroom teaching.

World Book Kids mel tiny

General reference covering topics in all subject areas. Designed for elementary school learners with easy-to-read content and multimedia. Hundreds of activities, hands-on science projects and experiments, lesson plans, and resources for educators are included. All content aligned with Michigan Academic Standards.

*Available through funding from the State of Michigan  

Home Kids Teacher Resources

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