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Guest Passes

If you do not qualify for a Library card, or if you carry a MiLibraryCard (which provides access to print materials only), you may purchase a guest pass to use the public computers. Two types of guest passes are available:

  • One-day Guest Pass:  $2.  (These are good for up to two hours on the day purchased, time permitting.)
  • 90-day Guest Pass:  $25.  

Or you may purchase a Non-Resident Library Card for $125.  Purchase of a Non-Resident Library card provides library access equivalent to that of a Redford resident, including public computer use. This card may be used by all members of one household.


Sessions are one hour. If there is no one waiting for a computer, your time may be renewed up to your maximum daily limit.  Redford residents are allotted 4 hours maximum daily time, reciprocal library card holders 1 hour.  Reciprocal card holders may purchase a guest pass if additional time is desired.

You will be warned with a message 10 minutes, 5 minutes, and 1 minute before time expires.  If there is a sufficient number of open computers at the 1 minute interval, the system will automatically renew your time.

If you need to leave the area, lock your computer to secure your work. Your session time continues to run when your computer is locked.

Children 11 years old and younger must use the computers in the youth department.

You will be able to sign on to only one computer at a time. 

Black and white printing is available for 20 cents per page.  Color printing costs 75 cents per page.  Funds may be applied to a library card or guest pass at the Circulation Desk or at the SAM Pay Station.  Printing funds applied to a One-day Guest Pass are forfeited if not used before the pass expires. 


Wireless access is available throughout the first floor of the library.  There are lamps with network jacks and power outlets in the adult nonfiction and fiction areas for wired users. 

If your device is capable of utilizing an 802.11 b or g wireless connection, or you have a network card and a category 5 or compatible network cable, you should be able to connect to the internet.

Make sure your device is configured to use DHCP in your network TCP/IP settings.

Other wireless settings you may need:

 Set the SSID to Redford_Library

 Disable WEP/WPA

Set the connection to Infrastructure or Access Point mode.

When you open a browser you will be presented with our acceptable use policy.  Instructions appear on the screen prompting you to enter theusername:acceptand thepassword:redford  (both in lower case) to acknowledge acceptance of our policy.  Occasionally you may also have to click “login”  in the upper left corner of the following page.  You will then be directed to our home page.  

Wireless Printing

Print from your smartphone, laptop or tablet to one of our library’s Print Release Stations (located in the public computer areas in the Children's and Adult departments).

Cost per page: 15 cents for black and white

There's an app for that!

  • Download the "PrinterOn" app from your device's app store.

URL upload documents to:

  • www.printeron.net/redford/library
  • Choose to print in black and white.
  • Provide a valid email address.
  • Select “Browse” to upload a file, or copy and paste the URL of a website to be printed.
  • Click on the gray arrow icon.
  • Click on the green printer icon once your job has uploaded.

 Send an email to:

  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
  • Forward an existing email (including any attachments) to one of the addresses above.
  • OR
  • Create a new e-mail message.
  • Address To one of the e-mail addresses above.
  • Select “Attach” to upload a file.
  • Send the e-mail.

Once the print job has been uploaded, go to one of the Print Release Stations to print your job.  It may take up to 2 minutes for your job to be received by the Print Release Station. Select the second choice on the monitor, "Release a Print Job".

In the gray "Log-In Infomation" pop-up box, enter your email address (the second choice).

Select the correct job and hit the “Print” button on the upper left side of the screen.

In the gray "Payment Options" pop-up box, select either "Pay from Vending Device" or "Pay from AAM Account" (this is your library card).

If you choose "Pay from Vending Device", first deposit money into the vending device and then click "OK" on the top right side of the pop-up box.  Your job will now print.

If you choose "Pay from AAM Account", you will be asked to input your library card number. You will need to choose "Pay from AAM Account" a 2nd time (your balance will now appear). Your job will now print.

When finished printing, press the “Done” button on the upper right of the screen to end your session.

Note: jobs will auto delete after 72 hours.

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